Sincere Thanks

I’m thankful today for real people.

I’m thankful for those who strive to live somewhere between the falseness of two-dimensional political identities and the otherworldly mess of unhinged lives. I am thankful for those who strive to succeed but don’t lie about their failures. They make it possible for me to look up to them as real human beings.

I’m thankful for men who challenge masculine stereotypes in order to be boyfriends, husbands, fathers, mentors, and friends to women who want to have “it all.”

I’m thankful, as I am every year, for my family, my teachers, my local Rotary Club, and the taxpayers who made public higher education affordable when I graduated high school. Without them, my life could have turned out very differently.

Finally, I’m grateful for the trailblazers, in politics and elsewhere – real, flawed, human women who have been unafraid to live sincerely in public.

I am thankful for Afghanistan’s Young Women for Change, and the brave Afghan men and women – including religious leaders – who speak out for women and for their nation’s future. I am profoundly grateful that I have been able to support their courageous work.

I am thankful for Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and for all the women who dare to define misogyny clearly and attack it head-on.

I am thankful that this brilliant, powerful, thoughtful, change-making woman has been my boss. I am thankful for glimpses into her evolution and her humanity.

I am thankful for so many women and so many initiatives and so many opportunities that to list them all here would leave me no time to go out into my life and thank the many individual people who have made me who I am. So let me leave it there, and wish you a day filled with thankfulness yourselves. Because no matter where in the world you are and no matter how big the obstacles you face, there is always someone who has gone before you and made your way just a little bit easier.

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