Makers and Mothers

PBS and AOL have put together compelling video interviews with women who really are making history. They call it Makers, and it’s well worth your free time. For today, I’m zeroing in on a segment from Madeleine Albright’s interview called “Unforgiving Women.” In it, she says:

I have often felt that, often, women were more judgmental about what I was doing than men. Making me feel like I should have been with my children. You know, “Don’t you miss waiting for your children in the carpool line?” I mean, doing your PhD while your kids are in school is not a bad thing, though I have to say, it took me so long to do it that […] But I think that other women, for a long time, made me feel guilty. [emphasis mine]

While a lot of things have changed since Albright’s time, one thing hasn’t: Women continue to fight it out over which kind of motherhood is ideal.  Continue reading