Keepin’ It Classified

[The] next time a cabinet official sleeps around, he’d better make sure his mistress keeps the affair offline.

— Spencer Ackerman, at, naming Paula Broadwell one of “The 15 Most Dangerous People in the World”

Classy, Spencer, classy – especially when just one paragraph before, you’ve noted that the General was a willing participant in the cyber portion of this affair, if not its driver. (And please, would all the women who’ve been hit on by Petraeus over the years please stand up? I know you’re out there, but I can’t do it for you.) That’s without even mentioning that we still aren’t clear how she got the information in the first place. In the actually existing world of security clearances, you get a violation not for reading stuff you shouldn’t, but for letting others have access to information they don’t need to know.

In Ackerman’s defense, he’s less lenient toward another officer: Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair, who stands accused of rape. However, that case is unsettling for additional reasons. Continue reading