Jennifer Lawrence: No Consideration of Failure

Jennifer Lawrence is not in my actual binder, but she is in my virtual one. When I first saw Lynn Hirschberg’s screen test of Lawrence, which she made in 2011 for W, I was blown away. The actress in this video has weird hair and uneven eyebrows, but you can tell that she just doesn’t care what the person behind the camera thinks. She is just being herself, telling us that she thinks she’s beautiful, no matter our criticisms. But mostly, I was struck by what she said at 1:46:

I’ve always had this really gross, dangerous mentality of no consideration of failure. Just never even considering the thought of failing. Like, if I want something, I just go until I get it.

I remember thinking, wow. That’s the only way to get things done. Otherwise, every little setback – every rejection from a role, every humiliating job we have to take to pay the bills while we nurture our passions, every time someone doesn’t love how we look or what we have to say – has the power to throw us off course. We run this risk of misinterpreting every obstacle as a “sign” that we should not be on this path, even if it is the only path that leads in the direction of our dreams.

So here’s to Jennifer Lawrence. Here’s to embracing the gross and the dangerous. And here’s to going, and going, and going until we reach our goals.


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